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We want you to love working with us here at 3di! We have always built great relationships with our customers; the people we work with day-to-day like our friendly and reliable approach and our focus on quality. And the bill-payers like our competitive rates, with our focus on efficient processes - we save them money.

Here's what some of our customers said in our 2011 customer satisfaction survey:

"Good communication skills with the project team."

"Sherryl and John exceeded my expectations. Their can do attitude and ability to communicate direct with the content owners made the project run smoother."

"The fit with 3di was everything a collaborative project should be. The writers understood our objectives, worked with the clients successfully and helped develop a sense that we were all working together."

"The standard of the manuals that have been rewritten is excellent and has provided a great example for the other manuals that need to be rewritten."

"Very quick turnaround given it was a large, time pressures project."

"Good communication, rapid response."

"Responded to our concerns quickly and effectively."

For more details of 3di's expertise in your sector and to hear what our customers have to say, please contact 3di. We are always happy to provide relevant references wherever customer confidentiality allows.

Thanks for the hard work and flexibility, 3di are very nice indeed to work with
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