The 3di Modular Design (3MD) approach

Designing the content your customers and staff need

Writing in bits - the art of modularity

Experts tell us that we now ‘consume information’. We don’t have time to read it or research it. Information hits us at the speed of about 100,000 words a day. At work we email, text, browse web pages, watch videos and take e-learning courses. And most of us write, text, tweet, blog or upload content as part of our jobs. We’re used to paying what the experts call ‘continuous partial attention’ - we can take part in a meeting, browse the company intranet, and check our smartphone, all at the same time.

3di is working with companies who ask the critical question: “Who is ‘consuming’ the information that our staff provide and is it the information they need?” We have experience in designing information that is modular - in bits. We can help you write content for your customers or your colleagues. We can show you how to write for your intranet, online learning, FAQs, wikis, or blogs.

Writing that is clear, brief and simple

Do you sometimes suspect that your company has content that has been processed, approved, scanned, uploaded and stored but has never actually been used by a human? If the content isn’t usable, isn’t easy to read and understand, then it’s possible that it’s never used.

3di know how good writing happens. Our 3MD approach offers a simple method of writing that creates modular bits of content. We’ll open up our little black box and show you our templates, introduce you to our best practice standards, and deliver our workshops on how to write modular content.

Structuring and organising your information

Your customers and your staff need ways of evaluating all the information they can access. They need to know what to read now, what to read in an emergency, which bits of content are for learning, which bits are for reference and so on.

3di has experience in helping companies create hierarchies of modular content that have clear access pathways. Forgotten information or gaps in knowledge aren’t ‘somewhere on the intranet’. They’re at the end of clear, intuitive browsing patterns that enable users to browse or search successfully. We’ll help you create hierarchies for your customer support pages, your internal procedures or your intranet.

Tracking how information flows

A process flow illustrates how your people work together and get jobs done. 3di can map an information flow on to your processes to help you define the information and content you must have in place. Carrying on from that, we’ll break each element in the flow down into standalone topics. Then we’ll work with you to define the purpose of each piece of content, and its readership. Of course, if you don’t have a set of processes, 3di is really experienced at documenting them and can do that for you too.

Refining your tone of voice

Tone of voice has always been important. But now it’s crucial. 3MD offers a very simple method of writing that ensures that every communication your customer receives from you is brief, clear and helpful. Remember, they’re paying continuous partial attention too. And, now that they stare at a computer screen rather than meeting you face to face, they can’t watch your expression or even hear changes in your voice. 3di can help you to define a tone of voice that suits your modular content and engages with your culture and your customers.

See more information on our 3MD workshops that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

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