3di technology partners and friends

We have always provided independent consultancy advice, and we do not sell technology products or receive commission for recommending particular tools.

However, we know good solutions when we see them, and some technology companies are better than others at investing in and supporting their tools and their customers.

So there are some tools we tend to use ourselves again and again because they're better than others for many situations. Often those same tools will make the shortlist of what we recommend to customers when their requirements are similar to what we have seen before.

For the following tools, we are investing in our own expertise, use them on customer projects when it's the best option, and sometimes recommend them for customers to buy and use themselves.

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3di is a certified Service Provider for Schema ST4, for the UK and Poland.


3di is a big fan of Madcap tools, in particular Flare, and have created or localized content in it for over 50 different customer projects in recent years.


Many thanks, the advice has been invaluable, and we can now move forward with confidence.
3di's CEO, Paul Ballard, talks about 3di technical communication services