Working with 3di - your questions answered

Q: What customers have 3di worked with?

A: The team at 3di has many years of collective experience working with a range of companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Our core experience is with companies in software and IT, telecommunications, life science and healthcare, finance and business services. To see specific case studies, please visit our customers page.

Q: What makes 3di unique?

A: 3di provides authoring and information design services alongside our translation and localization expertise. This unique combination will help reduce your translation costs and improve the quality of your source information. We understand that well-written, well-designed source documentation is quicker and more cost-effective to translate. 3di sees information design, authoring, translation and localization as part of the same basic goal: delivering effective information to the right audience, in the right way, at the right time. We provide a range of technical authoring and information design consultancy services and have in-depth experience with a variety of clients in this area. We also have partnerships with documentation technology vendors.

Q: My documentation files are highly sensitive - how would 3di handle this?

A: As a standard, all technical authors, translators, and other specialist suppliers sign and adhere to 3di confidentiality terms. We are always happy to sign and adhere to a non-disclosure agreement with customers. We are also happy to consider any specific information security measures that are important to you.

If you have a question about working with 3di that we have not covered, please visit our Contact us page and drop us a note. We’ll get back promptly and we may add your question to our FAQs page.