3MD - teaching how to design and
write information

Practical skills in a positive learning environment

Our workshops stay practical - all day. We don't just train. We position the training within your organisation’s needs. We work with you to understand the new skills you want to introduce and the impact you want to make on all your communications. Then we deliver an active workshop, full of exercises. We can use your materials to build the exercises, if you wish.

When we start talking to you about your objectives, we also explain the different ways we can help you measure the results of our workshops. Evidence and data enables you to see the benefits of your investment.

Working with you to specify what’s needed

The content for our workshops is very flexible, so we can collaborate with you to build training that is exactly what you need.

1. Select the skills you want your people to have. The list below includes typical sets of skills.

2. Together, we define your objectives and understand the participants' needs.

3. We add in some basic best practice sessions, such as how to stop writing narrative sentences and start writing concise, modular content, how to use graphics and how to write at the correct level of detail. 

4. You set a date and we'll be ready.

Using templates

New templates usually mean new ways of working. So by developing exercises or a case study, we can introduce a new template in the context of people's daily working lives.

Writing your own procedures

‘Writing down what you do at work? That can't be difficult!’ Actually, it's insanely difficult.

But sometimes it's essential for experts to write down what they know and what they do. Using a case study that runs throughout the workshop, we will gradually build their skills. They will learn to analyse tasks, use flow diagrams and decide what other users really need to know. And we'll teach the basics of how to write concise, task-based procedures.


Writing proposals, reports or contributing to wikis

If you write proposals, reports, corporate blogs, or you make key presentations, do you find it difficult to write something once and write it well? So do we - it's never easy.

But we have an approach that works and we'd like to share it with you. With a case study to help, we will cover how to write a key message in just one sentence and how to respond to your readers’ questions.

Enhancing your search function

Are you satisfied with the content on your wiki or intranet but wish the search function could be better? We don't build software. But we can help you to leverage the words and headings that you use to create better search results. We can help your content writers to use more keywords, develop synonym lists, and write headings that respond to what users are searching for.

If you would like to talk to us about a 3MD workshop, it's easy to contact 3di.

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