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Delivering technical communication excellence

3di has been providing technical authoring, translation and localization services to some of the world’s largest organisations since 2002. In these areas of expertise, we provide project management, consultancy and engineering services. We have offices around the UK and  Ireland and at our head-office near London, we have two in-house teams: one focused on technical communication, the other on localization.

What's in a name?

3di offers a unique combination of services because we know that when information is well designed, developed and delivered, it is more effective, more accessible and more easily understood by its audience.

Design - We ensure information is easy to create and maintain and suits its intended purpose. We design authoring and localization processes that meet your timing, budget, quality, and maintenance objectives.

Develop - We use recognised tools and methods and follow proven approaches for authoring and localization project management.

Deliver - We apply the most effective media and format to convey the information to its audience. That could include PDF documents, online help, compliance procedures on an intranet, an e-learning programme, or multilingual translations.

We deliver projects in the UK, across Europe and in the USA for clients operating in a wide range of industries.

Contact us and we will make sure you can speak to someone who will really understand what you need and how best to achieve your objectives. Whether you have an immediate project, need some ongoing support, or are looking for a strategic partner, we will bring together the right team of in-house and associate specialists to meet your needs.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers love working with us and keep coming back for more. The people we work with day-to-day like our friendly and reliable approach and our focus on quality - we don’t let them down. The people who pay the bills like our competitive rates and our focus on efficient processes - we save them money.

Here’s what some of them said in our 2011 customer satisfaction survey:

"Very quick turnaround given it was a large, time pressured project."

"Good communication, rapid response."

"Responded to our concerns quickly and effectively."

"Asked the right questions, communicated extremely well (written and verbal), professionalism."

"Always delivered on time, or before agreed deadlines."

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I have found the project management at 3di to be excellent and fundamental to the success of our projects
3di's CEO, Paul Ballard, talks about 3di technical communication services
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