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3di's contract writers work with you to refresh the format, presentation, and corporate branding of your bids and proposals - ensuring they meet your clients' requirements. They can do all the writing for you, or review your draft and help you perfect the final version.

Our contract writers have proven experience in bid writing, tender writing, proposal and report documents across many industry types and technologies.

Enhancing your bid or proposal strategy for the future

Does your sales cycle directly influence the writing of your bids and proposals?  We can help you create winning bids by:

  • evaluating your current writing style against how well it promotes the value of your products and services.
  • assessing how clearly your solution is conveyed to address your customers’ issues.

We then match a contract writer to work on your next bid. They'll build the standards that matter:

  • usable - writing in plain words to clarify technical points that your customers need to understand.
  • readable - applying colour and using graphics that don't just look great but actually work with text to make the bid easier to read.
  • accessible - designing ways of moving through long or complex bids so that your customers can find the information that's most important to them.
  • maintainable - creating chunks of modular content that you'll be able to use again in other bids.

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