Localizing catalogues

Catalogue localization makes the first impression, the best impression

At 3di, we understand that localizing catalogues comes with its own particular challenges. We know that different products, components or services require different approaches. Whether you want to speak to the consumer market, or sell products, components or services that are complex and technical, 3di can help. We make sure that none of the important details are lost in translation.

It’s likely customers will take their first impressions of your product or service from your catalogue. What’s more, if you trade purely through your catalogue, your catalogue can become the face of your company. We know how important it is to make that first impression the best impression it can be for your customers all over the world.

Making a connection

Your customers want to know exactly what they’re getting when they buy from you. They want clear messages, especially when they can’t see the physical product, and they can only get this when you communicate with them clearly. So to effectively sell your products or services to a global market, you need to speak to local communities in their own language - 3di can help you do this.

Beyond just translation

Localization is so important when it comes to trade literature like catalogues. Terminology, graphics, pictures, currencies, measurements and lots of other details can have very different meanings between in different regions. Localization deals with all these factors, allowing you to effectively target your product or services at consumers in different markets.

3di’s localization service employs highly experienced human translators who can translate your catalogue content into any major world language. They have both the technical knowledge to fully understand your product or service and expert transcreational experience to carry over your company’s feel and tone of voice, ensuring it isn’t lost in translation. We can make sure your catalogues still display the face and feel of the company, no matter what languages you need your catalogues translated into.

Different catalogues need different approaches

We know that catalogues come in many different forms, and that each needs a different localization approach:

Mail order catalogues: we know the importance of translating accurate descriptions of your products, while maintaining your brand tone of voice and that human element. We convert all details such as measurements and currency so it’s geared up for customers in the target region, providing you with trade literature that is ready for print.

Part books: we understand we're working with descriptions of technical and possibly complex components. Modifying precise measurements, diagrams and graphics can all become a factor when transforming your content for customers in different regions.

Offering products or services online: a combination of translators and engineers work within the parameters of your website to deliver you a fully localized online catalogue. Supported by the latest translation technology, such as online translation workflow management tools and translation memory and terminology servers, our technicians build and test your localized web catalogue to ensure a smooth roll-out for your customers around the world.

Course catalogue or prospectus: we know this isn’t about the hard sell, but getting across course content and the benefits it will bring to your potential students. Our translators have the transcreational experience to maintain the right tone of voice throughout for your potential students around the world.

Scientific or technological catalogues: when dealing with these, we know that being precise and accurate is what’s important. Especially in the case of the scientific industries, there are also regulations which need to be followed that differ from country to country. 3di make sure that all of this is factored into the localization project.

Why prioritise just one language?

We can localize your catalogues into multiple languages at once, which means you can roll out your product or service descriptions to your customers in multiple countries simultaneously. Some of our projects service over 30 languages at once and return these together so they’re ready to use in all your target regions.

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