Contract technical author services

Need to produce some technical or business documentation but just don’t have the people to do it? Choosing to use contract technical authors from 3di can offer a simple and effective solution.

3di carefully selects contract authors who:

  • know how to create documents that readers find easy to use, easy to read, and easy to understand
  • know enough about your business or technology field to collect, evaluate, and understand the information they need to include
  • know what ‘quality’ documents are and how to achieve that quality
  • know your authoring tools

We find the author that matches your needs

When you decide you need a technical author, we will help you find the most suitable person. It’s not as simple as it sounds. It can be a challenging exercise for companies who haven’t done it before.

Authors are a diverse group of professionals, often with a mix of talents. We can clarify an author’s experience of tools, practices, or processes.

Of course, CVs only tell you part of what you want to know. You want someone who will integrate easily into your working environment and get along with your staff. If you don’t have an established documentation culture, you might want someone with the experience and confidence to lead you through vital decisions on design, authoring tools, and the process of documentation. If you already have a document team, you’ll want a flexible person who will fit in easily and help to meet peaks in the workload.

We deliver many documentation projects and are very involved in the technical authoring community. We know many of the authors who are currently working as contractors. Our relationships with them often allow us to see beyond the evidence on a CV.

3di is one of the UK's leading providers of contract technical authors. We are uniquely placed to understand your requirements and to find contract authors who have the right profile and experience for your project. Through our database and our contacts in the technical authoring community, we offer access to about a thousand experienced contract technical authors, located across the UK and abroad.

To find out more about how we would find the most suitable authors for your needs, see Contract Technical Authoring Services: FAQ.

If you would like help in finding a contract technical author, why not contact 3di now to discuss your requirement?

When you need more than a contract author

Sometimes, using one contract author doesn’t give you a complete solution to your documentation challenges. For example, you might need regular, continual help with documentation. Contract authors may not be inclined to make a long-term commitment. We can provide a service that offers more continuity. You might decide that some of the work requires other documentation specialists, such as technical illustrators or proofreaders. We can arrange for supporting specialists to be available when you need them.

To learn more about how 3di offers continual support and specialist services, read about our project managed authoring service and outsourcing service.

We have been very happy with the service provided by 3di. They have the know-how, the relevant experience and the project managers to deliver our projects and adhere to our high standards
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