Daljit Hanspal

Daljit graduated in Computing from the University of Luton and began his career as a junior localization engineer for SDL Ltd in 1996. In the late '90s Daljit joined Lionbridge UK Ltd (formerly MTL, Berlitz and Bowne Global Solutions) in the localization and e-learning division as a senior localization engineer. In this role, he provided production support for high-profile translation projects and developed core translation technology to support and improve production processes, especially for NETg and Motorola. In June 2006 Daljit joined the client side of the business with NETg International. He provided their localization partners worldwide with detailed technical support for e-learning content development, and he provided consultancy on how to improve localization processes. In June 2007 Daljit joined 3di as our Senior Localization Engineer.

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