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Information design - making it clear, making it work

If you want your organisation to be able to develop clear, effective information that works for people, then you have to get the fundamentals right. 3di has the experience and the expertise to know what those fundamentals are.

First, a well-planned information design is critical to successfully writing, delivering and managing content and documentation. Next, it’s essential to understand how structured information can enable you to reduce your costs and, at the same time, improve your content quality.

3di’s customers can tell you how we help them pull all these elements together. We’re the perfect partner to help you make sure your information delivers real value.

Design and write the content that people need

Our 3di Modular Design (3MD) approach produces structured information that your people can quickly create and easily update. 3MD gets you thinking about information design and communicating in new ways. It focuses on the people who use your information and ways of presentation that respond to what they really need - right now. Read more about how the 3MD approach results in clear, brief, simple writing.

Raise the quality of documents with 'single sourcing' techniques

3di is expert at helping customers plan, execute and manage the way they reuse content. A systematic approach to content reuse actually improves the quality of your documents. We have expertise in a number of different tools. We focus on each customer’s specific requirements, modifying our techniques to suit types of publication or special environments. Find out more about our Managed reuse of content.

Increase productivity, reduce costs, serve a global market place

They’re not just your big challenges, they’re ours as well: increasing productivity, reducing costs, and serving a global marketplace. Our 3DM approach to structured authoring techniques and our expertise in XML technologies can help you rise to each of these challenges. Structured XML authoring separates content from presentation. Authors write text but publishing is a separate, automated process. This has obvious benefits - increased author productivity, reduced translation costs and more opportunities to manage, process, reuse and repurpose your content. Structured XML authoring explains how 3di works with you.

The fundamentals - a practical information model

To help our customers with information design, we use the idea of an information model. The model shows communication and authoring challenges and offers solutions. A well-designed information model delivers a number of benefits:

  • quicker and easier for information owners to contribute
  • less duplication and wasted effort
  • easier to reuse good information
  • quicker for readers to find what they need
  • easier to demonstrate compliance to regulations
  • a consistent style throughout the organisation
  • easier and faster to publish
  • quicker and cheaper to translate

Using an information model to significantly improve the way your organisation performs isn’t really about look-and-feel. It’s more about implementing solid, basic rules that are easy for people to follow. Using our proven 3di Modular Design methodology, 3di has the expertise to consult on and implement powerful new standards for your organisation that are cost effective.

The building blocks in the information model

3di can help you to create modular pieces, or ‘chunks’, of information. Each chunk is self-contained and has a specific function. The chunks are the building blocks of the information model. Because they are self-contained, they ensure that your model is flexible.

An information model containing modular chunks of content enables you to organise your information needs. It has become critical in designing effective content management systems. It makes content easier to reuse, maintain and single-source.

Writing modular chunks of content with specific purposes also enables you to set standards that create patterns in information. Readers subconsciously look for and respond to patterns, and this helps them to read and understand information more quickly. Translation also becomes quicker, cheaper and easier to manage when the source has been written in a modular way, particularly when multiple languages are involved.

The best way to discuss how we can help with designing your information is simply to contact 3di.

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