Designing and creating effective knowledge bases

Online self-service is essential to quality customer experiences

These days, customers expect to be able to find information online about buying and using products and services, painlessly and in their own language. If you’re not providing this, you’re creating dissatisfied customers.

An effective knowledge base is the key to online self-service. At their best, knowledge bases and FAQs demonstrate that you want to make it easy for customers to get the most out of your products and services; at the same time they reduce overheads by preventing unnecessary customer contacts. But a poorly written, badly structured, out of date knowledge base creates dissatisfied customers, damages brand reputation and drives customers to the contact centre.

With 3di as your partner, you can keep delivering amazing products and amazing customer experiences whether your knowledge base is English-only or multi-lingual. We can help you design a knowledge base that delivers.

Why knowledge bases are hard to get right

Online self-service relies on up-to-date, findable, usable, easy to read and accurate information about how to use products or services and what to do when something goes wrong.

In our experience, knowledge bases fail because:

  • There is no dedicated resource; instead people who already have full-time jobs are tasked with updating the knowledge base “on the side”.
  • Technical staff maintain the information, but communication is not their strength.
  • Content management is ad hoc: very little attention is given to really understanding what customers are looking for.
  • Writing and publishing processes are inefficient and painful.
  • The knowledge base is out of date, badly organised and inconsistent.

The result? Instead of being a valued asset, the knowledge base is undervalued and underused; even in-house customer service agents don’t trust it. The contact centre struggles with the volume of calls and emails. Customers are unhappy.

Multi-lingual content adds complexity

When an English knowledge base isn’t written with translation in mind, or your processes for English and translation are disconnected, going global is painful.

Sometimes organisations rely on local markets to handle translation, which can lead to patchy quality, inconsistency and delays. If global customers have to wait for their content, or it’s poorer quality, they don’t have access to self-service.

We believe customers around the world deserve the same excellent experience as English-speaking customers.

Great knowledge bases are possible - including multi-lingual

Organisations who have successful knowledge bases start by really understanding users, then they apply expert tools and techniques to write and manage information efficiently, in a way that is optimised for users’ needs. And when it comes to translating content for global customers, specialist tools and processes help get everything in place effectively, with minimum hassle.

And of course they use dedicated resources, who can step in just at the point that the rest of the team is busy getting ready for the next product launch.

Let us help you create a knowledge base that delivers

We can help you deliver impressive customer experiences through online self-service. We understand how users think. We know how to write and structure information to meet users’ needs, and we can do it efficiently to meet your goals. We can write knowledge bases that work.

Our team is unique. Our service includes consultancy, a pool of trained content creators, and a full translation and technical localization service. Whatever your industry or technology platform, we understand how to get the most out of your information and experts.

We can provide just the resources you need, when you need them, or we can provide a fully managed service to design, deliver and maintain your online information resources. Whether it’s just a set of FAQs in English or a multi-lingual, multi-media, multi-channel knowledge portal, we have the skills and experience to deliver.

Our strength is in our team

Our in-house team develops lasting relationships with customers. We become a trusted partner. Because we collaborate with you, and have the vision and experience to design a bespoke solution for you, we’ll get you to where you want to be.

We are really proud of our team of content creators, engineers, translators, consultants and managers. We employ the best and keep them trained to the highest standards in the latest techniques, helping us to maintain best practice, and even influence it.

The strength of our team means we can provide you with flexible resourcing - when you need more from us, we deliver it. Once we’ve assessed your needs, we can fit the right people to your company.

When Skype looked to expand its Content Writing Team, we spoke to many companies providing writing services. 3di were the stand out choice for us, as they really understood our requirements. Together we increased online resolution for Skype customers, reduced propensity to contact, and enabled revenue generation. What a combination!
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