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In response to growing demand from our customers in the UK, USA and China, 3di now offers a range of professional services for software development teams that need to develop products for international markets and to accelerate releases of multilingual products.

Awareness training and consultancy (Java™, .NET™, C++)

We can train your developers and managers to know how they can avoid the monocultural assumptions that commonly undermine efforts to account for localization requirements during the analysis and design phases of software development.

We can also provide consultancy to support your team in areas such as:

  • Ensuring an appropriate and efficient implementation of the internationalization classes provided by .NET and Java
  • Providing proven and practical strategies for reducing the risk and cost of internationalization and localization cycles
  • Designing, implementing and managing efficient localization workflows through the expert application of industry-standard tools and bespoke solutions

Pre-localization audits of your application behaviour and code

Our services include the:

  • Validation of character handling and Unicode round-tripping
  • Assessment of the localization readiness of your code
  • Design and validation of your localizable database schema
  • Assessment of your application landscape and its dependencies on third party software components that you rely on for localized content

Design consultancy, testing and re-engineering of international usability issues

Our services include:

  • Risk assessment and identification of international usability issues
  • Pseudo translation of your resource base
  • Scalable, automated testing by professional linguists and localization engineers

Expertise in bi-directional software engineering

Since 2005, 3di has been a UK centre of excellence for bi-directional (Arabic, Hebrew) software localization and engineering, with in-house Arabic linguists, engineers and developers.

Engineering of bi-directional multimedia (Adobe® Flash®) is a particular specialism for our team, and we provide leading-edge web development and language engineering for localization into Arabic.

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