Localization project management

At 3di the role of the localization project manager is very different to most of our competitors. Rather than having a focus on translation administration, our senior project managers and engineering managers come from software development backgrounds, providing them with the skills to engage and mentor software development directors and senior management.

Our value-added proposition is based on the assertion that internationalization and localization are engineering efforts critical to the efficient production and launch of your products and must be considered from the outset of development. This will save time and money that would have to be spent at a later date.

Localization is an investment rather than a cost, and should not be confused with simple translation.

Our project-managed localization services include valuable advice about how to:

  • Minimise the time your own developers need to spend handling localized content
  • Test management
  • Localization QA
  • Proven tips on how to maximise efficiency and reduce costs for your future localized product updates

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We have been very happy with the service provided by 3di. They have the know-how, the relevant experience and the project managers to deliver our projects and adhere to our high standards
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