Malveen Mangat
Malveen joined the Technical Communications team at 3di in September 2015, after taking a break from her 15 year Consulting career at Oracle to start a family.

After graduating with a BA Business Studies and an MSc in Information Systems Design, Malveen joined the Consulting division at Oracle in 1993 as a Technical Consultant, implementing solutions for many large and complex software and integration projects across the UK and abroad. Malveen rapidly progressed to more senior roles including Lead Analyst, Team Leader and Solutions Architect. In her Consulting role, Malveen provided expertise across virtually the entire range of the Oracle Applications product suite: Sales and E-Commerce, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Contracts and Service, and HR/Payroll. 

As a Bid Manager, Malveen worked in a highly pressured sales role, preparing winning tenders and proposals for the provision of Consulting Services; configuring complex deals often involving off-shore and hosted services. It was a demanding role that required balancing many, and often conflicting, factors.

As EMEA Implementation Manager, Malveen successfully led a large team of international consultants, to deliver a Sales and Forecasting solution for 21 countries across EMEA and APAC as part of Oracle’s Global Single Instance program. Malveen used this experience in her subsequent role as Sales Operations Support Manager for UK Region, leading a team of analysts providing operations and systems support to the Consulting and License Sales divisions for opportunity management and sales forecasting.  In her role as Customer Success Manager within Consulting Operations, Malveen embedded customer feedback as a business-as-usual activity across all Consulting Service Lines across the UK Region. She implemented new systems and processes, and established Customer Satisfaction as a key KPI for regular project and management reporting.

Throughout her career, Malveen has enjoyed producing a variety of documents: technical and conceptual solution designs, user guides, configuration documents, installation guides, system test plans, sales collateral, management reports, processes and procedures, and training materials. 

Malveen is looking forward to developing her technical and authoring skills with 3di, at an exciting time of rapid growth and change within the Technical Communications profession. 

Malveen is a member of the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators.

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