Creating online help & support

Improving customer experiences by helping users help themselves.

By providing your customers with well written online help and support, you allow them to find the help they need instantly and take away the frustration of having to wait around for that email reply or hanging on the end of a phone. For you, it means reduced support costs and training as you’ll need fewer staff supporting your customers.

Quality content delivers self-service

Creating effective online help, and knowledge base content isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to explain concepts or tasks in complex software. It takes time. While your staff undoubtedly know the products inside out, it doesn’t mean they can write engaging content for your customers. What’s more, it takes them away from their strengths - developing and engineering new products.

3di can supply you with online help solutions and content developers who understand how best to communicate and support your users. They work with you to understand your software fully and deliver total technical accuracy. They also work with you to create the words that give a perfect feel for your product, ensuring brand tone of voice and that human element is maintained throughout the support content. Creating effective online help and wider support content means less reason for direct contact from your customers; helping you achieve your self-service goals.

Help yourself with 3di

3di can create all forms of User Assistance. This helps your customers better interact with your software and can include all forms of help and support, including; wizards, tutorials, PDF manuals, user interface text and other types of content. You can deliver these in the form of online help, web help or tutorials.

Online help: this includes all topic orientated, procedural or reference information delivered through the software product itself. It can be ‘Embedded’ into the GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that it’s context sensitive - which means any time a user faces a problem, they can find the remedy immediately.

Web Help: offering your help online means almost anyone can easily find it. Our writers can work within the parameters of your site design, or even offer advice or tips regarding your information infrastructure. We’ll make sure your web help content is fully search engine optimised, so it’s geared up for browsing and search.

Tutorials: e-learning modules that can use a combination of video, text and audio to take a user through an aspect of your product, or demonstrate how to solve a problem. These can be ‘Embedded’ or hosted online.

What best suits your user base

A senior technical writer will work with you to understand exactly what you want and will offer an analysis of what will best suit your user base. We can help you design, or improve your existing, information infrastructure so that it will deliver these needs by looking at the important factors:

Who your customers are: consumers or business - if you haven’t already, we can help you find best tone of voice. We’ll also help you find the ideal way to present the information to your customers.

User industries and roles: if you are selling to businesses, who are they? Are they highly-regulated sectors such as finance and insurance or more creative, such as media?  Are your customers highly technical, such as engineers, or are they ‘laypeople’? We can create the right kinds of content for the right kinds of people.

User familiarity: is this a completely new piece of software or an update of something that already exists? We can keep your user base incorporated, while catering to new customers.

Branding: we can keep your tone of voice and brand message running throughout your content - so your customers know they are talking to you.

Finding the right writers

3di specialises in providing the right mix of skilled people for your particular project. We can provide entire writing teams, process specialists, technical publications specialists or just a skilled contractor to work with your established team. If needed, we can design a full authoring, review and testing process that meets project objectives. Working with you, we’ll agree the best combination of tools and techniques that will meet both the immediate project and longer-term plans.

No one wants to sit at the end of a phone anymore or wait in uncertainty for that email - let your customers find the help they need - Contact us for more information.

So far the work done by 3di has been great, from the set up of possible projects to the completion of actual tasks