Outsourcing documentation services

Do you have an ongoing need to produce business or technical documentation? It’s a challenge that many organisations face, especially when they don’t employ their own authoring staff or they don’t want to add permanent staff to their existing team. Our outsourcing service for technical documentation offers an effective option because we can tailor the detail of our service to match your situation and priorities.

Using other staff is rarely cost effective

Some organisations ask other staff  perhaps engineers, developers, business analysts, or technical support - to write documentation. It seems practical. But, unfortunately, subject-matter experts are not always talented at clearly and concisely explaining their field. Even when they are good writers, producing documentation may not be the most cost-effective use of their time.

Contract authors are not ideal for the longer term

Other organisations rely on contract technical authors. Contractors offer a good solution to smaller companies or projects with specific documentation requirements. There’s no cost when you have no requirement. A contractor’s experience enables them to be focused and productive. But, unfortunately, contractors often prefer short term commitments. Even when you offer them additional work, they may choose to move on to the next challenge. Your organisation loses the knowledge and expertise the author acquired while working for you. And you have to start again with the next new contractor. There is a risk of variations in document quality and less opportunity to establish consistent quality practices.

Our outsourcing service - a third way

If you have an ongoing documentation need but do not want to employ your own team, our outsourcing service offer you an effective option. As an integral part of the service, we will:

  • monitor your requirements as they fluctuate or evolve
  • assemble and manage a flexible authoring team, whose membership will reflect, in numbers and skills, the changes in the workload and your other requirements
  • devise and establish the processes needed to produce consistently high-quality documentation
  • put in place the level of project and team management needed to ensure that your budget is effectively managed

Supporting your existing team

If you have a documentation team, 3di’s outsourcing service can supplement their work, perhaps at a different location. Our contribution can boost your documentation capacity while insulating you from overheads, such as recruiting, managing, and developing new staff.

Talk to us about our outsourcing service

If you think our outsourced authoring service will help, why not contact 3di now? We would welcome an opportunity to discuss your work and how we can help.

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