Permanent author recruitment services

Recruiting good permanent technical authors can be a tricky task. They often have very different skills and experiences, and matching those to your own specific requirements can be a time consuming and painful experience.

3di have helped many companies find the right technical author quickly and efficiently. We actively manage a database containing thousands of technical author CVs and can accurately match your requirements to available skills and experience.

Because we work with many industries and technologies and documentation types we will quickly understand your particular needs. You may need an author to write in a certain style, or to be familiar with a particular software application or maybe work with XML or DITA standards. No matter what your specific needs are, we are confident we can get relevant CVs to you making the selection process as easy as possible.

Think 3di can help find you the right technical author? The next step is to contact 3di to discuss your specific needs.

Diversity Statement

1.1. 3di is committed to applying its equal opportunities policy at all stages of recruitment and selection in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. 3di will treat everyone equally irrespective of gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion or belief, age, pregnancy or maternity leave or trade union membership.

1.2. Candidates will be assessed objectively against the requirements for the job, taking account of any reasonable adjustments that may be required for candidates with a disability.

1.3. 3di will not accept instructions from clients that indicate an intention to discriminate unlawfully.

1.4. 3di is committed to providing training for its staff in equal opportunities practice.

1.5. Any discrimination complaint will be investigated fully.

Also a BIG THANKS from me for turning this around so quickly. Julia and I were just discussing how very efficient and professional all dealings are with you and your company - impressive and a joy to work with
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