Projects we service

We provide specialists in designing and writing manuals, guides, handbooks, online help, procedures and training materials

3di is recognised as one of the UK's leading providers of authoring and project management services. We help customers to produce and deliver effective technical and business documentation and specialise in producing:

  • user guides
  • online help files
  • embedded user assistance
  • video tutorials
  • installation guides
  • maintenance manuals
  • operator manuals
  • health and safety files  
  • datasheets
  • knowledge bases and FAQs
  • business policies
  • business procedures
  • web and intranet content
  • training materials
  • e-learning modules
  • marketing literature
  • technical catalogues
  • bids, proposals and reports

We deliver projects for customers who operate across a broad spectrum of industries and technologies. Our success comes from our ability to provide authors who combine the appropriate knowledge needed to tackle specialist subjects and the writing skills necessary for producing clear, effective documentation. When necessary, we also support our authors with a level of project management that enables them to work within our customer's project constraints and timescales.

We are able to work with clients’ existing in-house software, style guides and procedures, though many clients ask 3di to recommend and design an approach that meets a particular project’s needs.

In many situations, it is important to have authors onsite, where they can work face-to-face with subject matter experts, engineers or developers. Yet on some projects, it can be possible, or preferable, for some or all authors to work remotely and 3di provides a flexible solution to meet your requirements in this respect. Read more about our Technical Authoring and Project Managed Authoring Services.

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3di also provide translation and localization services enabling you to take your business information around the world in any language you need.

Also a BIG THANKS from me for turning this around so quickly. Julia and I were just discussing how very efficient and professional all dealings are with you and your company - impressive and a joy to work with
3di's CEO, Paul Ballard, talks about 3di technical communication services
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