Rachel Potts

Rachel specialises in designing and improving the interfaces between customers and businesses, and the various disciplines involved in creating and communicating about software, technology and complex products.

After studying philosophy and linguistics at the University of Glasgow for her first degree, Rachel went on to get an MSc in Computing at the University of Essex in 2001. From there she went on to her first job as a technical author, with the initial focus on designing information to support software customers. This quickly evolved into a broader involvement with all aspects  of self-service customer care and improving the end-to-end customer experience. After 15 years in software and technology companies including Autonomy Systems and Red Gate Software, she has built considerable expertise in creating and managing support portals, improving findability of information, developing user-centric business processes and improving software user interfaces.

After joining 3di in 2011, Rachel now advises customers on documentation strategy, leads the 3di Technical Communication team, and co-ordinates R&D across the company.

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