Quality source information saves valuable time and reduces translation & localization costs
Carefully designed, well-written source content is quicker and cheaper to translate than poorly structured content. Word counts can be reduced without taking away from the content, and translator queries and review loops can be kept to a minimum eliminating the cost of a rework.

We recognise that technology alone will not save you money. The consultative approach we apply to our customers' translation and localization projects helps identify areas where productivity can be improved and costs can be reduced. Typical strategies might be:

Beyond translation memory

'Translation memory' was a straightforward but effective technology that boosted productivity for translators and translation suppliers in the 1990s. However customers continue to demand more cost effective ways to translate and localize their products. At 3di we pride ourselves on our ability to move with the times, embracing new methods and tools to help us implement cost-effective language translation and localization solutions.

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With Maan and his specialist team, we have achieved at least 40% in elapsed time and cost savings for every localized course that we produce
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