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How will you find the best contract author to work on my project?

First, we want a clear understanding of your requirement. Talking to you on the phone will often provide us with enough information. This enables us to understand the skills and experience the author needs. We will also get a good idea of your working environment.

Then we explain our selection process to you and make sure you’re happy with what we intend to do. Also, we’ll discuss with you how you want to process applicants after you’ve read the CVs.

Next, we search our resource database. It contains the details of thousands of registered technical authors. Many of them have worked with 3di on various projects over the years so we have a first-hand knowledge of their abilities. We’ll also use our contacts in the technical authoring community to track down any unregistered contractors with the right profile and a good reputation.

Finally, we filter potential candidates by assessing their CVs, reviewing any work samples, and considering how well each person matches your requirements. We’ll send a shortlist of suitable candidates and their CVs so that you can decide who to interview. At this point, we can coordinate interviews for you, or you can contact the authors directly.

How are you qualified to select the right technical author for my project or company?

3di’s recruitment experience pre-dates the formation of our company. Some of our team have been recruiting contract technical authors for this specialist market since the 1990s. So, there’s a good chance that we have met and satisfied requirements similar to your own.

Many of us at 3di have worked as technical authors or managed technical authors on projects. We run technical authoring projects every day, and we are regularly involved in conferences, societies, and other aspects of the UK’s technical authoring community. As a result:

  • we understand the tools, processes, and practices involved in technical authoring
  • we have worked with many of the contractors currently active in the UK and Europe

So we select technical authors by applying an experience and insight that other recruitment agencies and services cannot match.

How do you check an author’s skills?

We start by assessing each author’s CV. Then we speak with the most promising candidates to ensure that we really understand the significance of the experience and skills listed on their CV.

If a candidate can provide relevant work samples, we review them to assess their writing skills, attention to detail, and understanding of fundamental technical authoring practices. If we have not worked with an author before, we often know someone who has. So, where possible, we use our network contacts to help ensure that we correctly assess a candidate’s qualities.

When we evaluate candidates, we focus our attention on their authoring competence rather than their knowledge of the particular technology or business sector that applies to your project. You or your colleagues are probably much better placed than 3di to evaluate someone in these areas.

How will you present a candidate’s details to me?

To limit the time and effort you spend on selection, we normally send you no more than five CVs. Of course, we are happy to increase that number if you want to see a broader spectrum of candidates.


A CV offers you a first opportunity to judge an author’s ability to write, structure, and present information. So we will provide a copy of the original CV, not versions that 3di has reformatted or polished. The only change we make is to remove the author’s contact details.

Will the way you select a contract technical author for me differ from the way you would recruit a new author for a 3di project or as a 3di employee?

Not really. Essentially our approach to selection is the same whether it is for you or for 3di. However, your specific requirements may lead us to use specific selection criteria that might not apply when we recruit for 3di.

Are there any particular advantages in using 3di over other recruitment services?

Yes, there certainly are. We understand the tools, processes, and practices involved in technical authoring. And our ongoing involvement with technical authors’ networking groups and events gives us a special insight into this sector and the people who work in it. Generalist recruitment agencies cannot match our specialist knowledge and our ability to understand your requirement and assess candidates.

3di is not a recruitment agency. We provide solutions to documentation problems. Our aim is to help our customers succeed, not just to place contractors. You might be correct in believing that a contract author offers the best solution to your current problem. However, as we begin to understand your situation, we might recognise other solutions that are more cost effective or productive. If we believe that you have other good options, we make sure we’ve explained them to you.

What about our Preferred Supplier List?

Many organisations have formalised their recruitment process by establishing a Preferred Supplier List. We are happy to be included on your PSL. However, many of our customers prefer us to work alongside their PSL as a second-tier specialist provider. This approach enables you to work with your regular suppliers on more generalist IT and technology vacancies, using 3di for less frequent but specialist documentation roles.

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