Technical authoring

Communicating technical information to your customers or employees

Communicating technical information is critical to the success of your organisation. Your customers need to know how to use your products successfully and to feel that they are getting true value for money. Your employees need guidance to help them work in accordance with your company policies and the regulations that affect your sector.

Yet so many technical documents fail to convince, guide, or instruct their readers.

To be effective, documentation must have clear language and accurate detail. It must reflect the way that readers work, highlight the questions that readers must answer, and recognise the terminology that readers use. Good documentation provides a combination of structure and presentation that helps readers to find and understand the information they need.

The surest way to produce effective technical documentation is to use experts - professional technical author services.

What 3di technical authors do

3di authors help our customers by developing any type of printed or online documentation that needs to be informative. Examples of what we can typically produce include:

We don’t just produce documents, our authors offer consultancy to help your organisation to tackle any documentation-related problems it faces. For example, our authors can help your employees to acquire skills and develop processes that will improve the documents they produce.

How 3di can help you

We have the expertise to understand your documentation requirements. We can combine people, tools, and processes to deliver a successful outcome. Our solutions are based on three broad types of service:

3di service 


When you might need us

Contract technical authors 


When you or your organisation have the time and experience to oversee and guide a contractor’s work.

If you need a temporary boost to your existing documentation team during a peak in their work load.

Managed authoring service

When you and your organisation has little or no experience of managing technical documentation projects.

Where the volume or complexity of your project requires involving and coordinating several authors.

Where supporting the work of an author, by involving other documentation specialists, will save you money, improve quality, or increase productivity.

Outsourcing services

When you have an ongoing need to create or maintain documentation but do not have the in-house resources or expertise to respond to and meet the changing demands of this work.

3di also provides services to find permanent technical authors suitable for your organisation's needs.

Not sure how 3di’s services can enable you meet your current challenges? We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your work and to see how we can help. So please contact us now to let us know your requirements.

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