Localizing regulatory compliance

A key service from 3di - gets your localization right first time

When it comes to operating in a highly regulated industry or sector, the need for high standard linguistic accuracy in your documentation, processes or product couldn't be more vital, in any language. It’s a challenge to get the meaning perfect and this requires specialist knowledge, both of your industry and of the requirements that come with meeting regulations in general. Whether you need to convert supporting literature to a target language so regulators can approve a product, or localize a product so it complies with regulations in another country, we can do this. This is one of 3di’s key localization services and we can help you approach this correctly, first time.

Beyond just translation

Localization is so important when it comes to meeting regulatory compliance. Terminology, graphics, pictures, currencies, measurements and lots of other details can have very different meanings between in different regions. In highly regulated industries, the smallest details count. Localization deals with all these factors.

3di’s localization service employs highly experienced human translators who can translate your documents or product into any major world language. We’ll only employ translators who have the technical knowledge to fully understand your market or sector. Sometimes simple direct translations aren’t sufficient, but our translators will know what you need to say and will find the correct words to say it. We avoid the use of machine translation, which although is good for ‘gisting’, is likely to lose technical and linguistic accuracy.

If you need to modify a software product to fit with regulation, then our engineers will implement all the required changes and test the product to ensure everything is in working order. What you’ll get is a product that meets regulation, ready to roll-out.

Working with specialist subjects

3di has helped a wide variety of high profile companies who operate in highly regulated sectors to bring their products, manuals and other support documentation in line with new and existing regulations. These include companies from sectors such as:
  • life sciences
  • medical instrumentation
  • finance
  • building and construction

We know it’s not just about expertise in our own industry that will result in a successful project; it’s finding the expertise in yours too.

Why prioritise just one language?

We can localize your supporting documentation, procedures or product multiple languages at once, which means it’s ready to roll out in multiple countries simultaneously. Some of our projects service over 30 languages at once and return these together so they’re ready to use in all your target regions.

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We have been very happy with the service provided by 3di. They have the know-how, the relevant experience and the project managers to deliver our projects and adhere to our high standards.
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