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Let your online business content take the strain

Finding a service provider to help write your web-based content for your business can be a minefield, as you will have probably found in making your way to this page. There are a myriad of services, many of which focus on writing content for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). At 3di, we like to look at things a little differently. Whilst SEO is very important, in our experience it can be considered at the expense of many other factors which are equally, or more, important.

3di can help you understand the ideal end-to-end process of writing web based content for your business. Amongst many considerations, we can help you define:

  • the purpose of your content: who will use it and how would it best be accessed?
  • the objectives of your content: is it there to support customer queries, sell a product or service, or maybe to enhance your brand?
  • the most efficient way to create your content and, often overlooked, how you will maintain your content easily?
  • the tone of voice do you want to achieve: how do you want your customers to perceive your business?
  • who should write the content and how?
  • and of course SEO, we’ll help you with that too.

Of course, your web, wiki or intranet is only a publishing mechanism when all is said and done. 3di specialises in designing, writing and managing content for a particular purpose or user, and that is what makes our approach a little different.  Here are some of the web based projects we have delivered:

  • For one corporate, we wrote their entire customer support FAQs and “How to” content in a consistent way and in a tone of voice we helped them to define. The objective? To improve customer satisfaction and reduce direct approaches their support front desk.
  • We designed and wrote all the web publishing procedures for one client. This included how to write content from scratch, how to maintain it, how to publish it and how to localize into several other languages.
  • For several clients we have written interactive online help for software packages aimed at differing sectors such as financial, legal, electronics and medical.
  • Creating and publishing product installation and user guides can be done in several ways on the web, and we have helped many clients accomplish this using the right process and format for their business needs.
  • For other clients we have written  effective marketing and PR content to sell products and services.
  • We have written business procedures and policies for many different clients, often for publishing on an intranet or wiki.

3di specialises in providing the right mix of skilled people for your particular project. We can provide entire writing teams, process specialists, technical publications specialists or just a skilled contractor to work with your established team.

Whatever your web based project needs are, the first step is to contact 3di to see if our in depth experience can help you achieve your project objectives.


3di also provides translation and localization services enabling you to take your web based information around the world in any language you need.

Thank you all, you have all been brilliant!
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