Localizing websites

Website localization to capitalize on the power of the web and reach a global audience

With the internet economy expanding day by day and over two billion people online around the world, the need for effective website content has never been more important. The internet has made the world smaller, which means your business can deliver its message to a global audience via a simple point and click of a mouse.

Know your customers

To do this successfully, big businesses or organisations need to speak the languages of the world. Today’s customers like to feel as if they’re part of your business, so for your message to truly reach a global audience you need to talk to local communities in their own language. You also need to be clear who you are trying to communicate with and identify what the purpose of the website serves for them. For example, don’t translate a UK website that sells to UK consumers if you are initially targeting potential customers in Germany - here is where 3di can help.

More than just translation

It’s not just translation services we offer, it’s localization - terminology, graphics, pictures, currencies and lots of other details can have very different meanings between languages, countries and regions. Localization deals with all these factors and considers what the experience of using the website will feel like for particular consumers, allowing you to effectively target audiences in different markets.

We will provide localization services to support both the creation and ongoing management of your multilingual website content into any major language. We avoid machine translation, which although may be suitable for ‘gisting’, is likely to lose the brand feeling and technical accuracy of the original text. Instead, we employ human translators with technical and transcreation experience, and apply strict quality assurance processes to ensure total accuracy.

Why prioritise just one language?

Our services can accommodate localization into multiple languages in one go, which will allow you to roll out your site to multiple countries simultaneously. Some of our projects service more than 30 languages at once. We can also get involved up-stream and provide valuable guidance, so your source website is set up correctly to allow for easy translation. This not only speeds up turnaround, but also saves you money.

A smooth roll-out

Supported by the latest translation technology, such as online translation workflow management tools and translation memory and terminology servers, our technicians build and test your localized sites to ensure a smooth roll-out for your customers around the world.

Your customers should all take the same positive messages from your website, no matter where they are in the world. Make it easy for them to find you - Contact 3di for more information

3di's project management and the quality of translation exceeded my expectation, and I found the team to be both flexible and responsive when we changed the project’s requirements after it had started
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